Bikers Get Hurt Often In Accidents

Bikers Get Hurt Often In Accidents

With its near-ideal year-round weather, this a great place to own a motorcycle and ride it regularly. The list of great rides is endless.

Because it’s rarely a bad day to ride, County’ roads are often full of motorcyclists on just about any given day, and when they collide with cars, trucks, and buses, the injuries can be very serious and often deadly.Injury Accident Law

Those more serious injuries, obviously due to far less protection for the biker’s body, mean that medical costs can soar quickly after a collision. That’s all the more reason to contact a motorcycle accident attorney as soon as possible after an accident.

The reasons why motorcycles get into so many accidents are like a two-sided coin: drivers do not respect motorcyclists’ right to their share of the road in some cases, and motorcyclists themselves sometimes veer in and out of traffic at high speeds just because they can. The combination of these two factors, along with poor roads, rare weather events, and inexperienced riders, makes the accident rate for motorcyclists higher than it should be.

In many cases, the motorcyclist is immediately thought to be at fault in an accident, at least in part. If you are a biker and had an accident that you are confident was not your fault, get in touch with a motorcycle accident lawyer as soon as you can.

Do not accept a paltry insurance payout for your costs; it will be a fraction of what a qualified motorcycle accident lawyer can get for you in most cases. Contact a personal injury lawyer for a free consultation and plan how to get what you need to cover medical bills, lost work time, and pain and suffering.

Insurance companies often do not include future costs in their settlements. You will need an attorney to make those sorts of calculations and get you what you need for past and future bills. The serious nature of many motorcycle accident injuries, such as spinal cord bruising and crushing, extensive road burns, concussion, and fractured skulls, can lead to many follow-up appointments, scans, tests, and extensive rehabilitation, all of which will cost far more than an initial insurance settlement.

Don’t let the fact that two wheels often get less respect on the road than four or sixteen wheels stop you from pressing for your rights and proving the truth of what happened during your accident. A solid motorcycle accident attorney will do his/her best to re-create exactly what happened on that day or night.

And, in case you have been charged with being responsible for your accident, you will need a strong ally to defend you. It can be difficult to prove if a person has operated a motorcycle in an unsafe manner. A good personal injury lawyer will help to establish that you are a consistently careful biker and that most, if not all, of the accident’s liability, should rest with the other driver.

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Is There A Difference Between A Car And Truck Accident Lawyer

Is There A Difference Between A Car And Truck Accident Lawyer

What is the difference between a truck accident lawyer and a car accident lawyer? A truck accident lawyer who practices law and is qualified to handle truck accident law and is familiar with the various rules and regulations that apply to commercial vehicles. If you become involved in an accident with a semi truck or other commercial vehicle and you suffer property damage or injury, you need to protect your rights. Because of the nature of truck accident law, it is imperative that you select a truck accident attorney who is skilled in handling truck accident cases.truck accident attorneys

What is the difference between a regular truck and a commercial truck?

Commercial trucks are large, heavy vehicles used for interstate and intra-state commerce for the transport of commercial goods. A semi truck, big rig, 18-wheeler, tractor-trailer, tanker truck, or dump truck involved in an accident in are examples of commercial trucks. These kinds of vehicles are governed by federal, state, and local regulations that do not apply to non-commercial vehicles like pickup trucks or SUVs. More on this website

When would I need a truck accident lawyer that specializes in truck accident law and why is it so important?

There is a big difference between handling legal cases involving commercial vehicles and those involving non-commercial vehicles and passenger cars. A qualified truck accident lawyer will be able to protect your rights and will know how to conduct a proper investigation. He or she will be able to check for compliance with the many regulations that apply to commercial vehicles. A good truck accident attorney will also know how to select the proper venue, the party against whom the claim should be made, and whether multiple parties may be joined as defendants.

If there is a lawsuit as the result of a truck accident, who exactly should be sued?

It depends on the circumstances of the case. Sometimes a claim should be filed against the trucking company. In other cases, a claim may be filed against the truck driver. It is also possible that the loading facility where the contents of the trailer were secured could be a responsible party, or even the owner of the trailer’s contents. Who should be sued can also depend on whether or not there was negligence involved on the part of the truck driver or the trucking company, or whether any traffic violation occurred and contributed to the accident. Some other factors that may be involved are responsibility for truck maintenance, brakes, driver fatigue, recklessness, improper loads, and drug and alcohol use.

If I am hurt in a semi truck accident, what should I do?

If you sustain an injury in an accident, the most important thing to do is seek medical care for any pain or discomfort that you may experience. Delaying treatment can often make an injury worse. Many times it takes days for symptoms of soft tissue injuries to appear. Seeing a doctor immediately following the accident is necessary in order to receive a preliminary diagnosis. Extreme injuries such as burns, or neck and spinal cord injuries caused by a big rig truck accident often require immediate paramedic and trauma care unit assistance at the scene, In these cases, the victim must be taken to a hospital for treatment immediately.

Where should the claim for a truck accident be filed?

When a truck accident occurs and a lawsuit is filed, the selection of where to file that lawsuit is referred to as “choice of venue.” Generally, venue is proper in the following locations:

The county wherein the accident occurred; The county wherein the defendant company’s principal place of business is; or, The county wherein the defendant truck driver resides. Even though the accident may have occurred in Texas, the truck company and the truck driver may be from another state. This is because trucking companies often operate in states other than where they are registered. The venue where an ensuing lawsuit could be filed may be the state where the truck accident occurred, the state where the trucking company is located, or even a state where the trucking company regularly does business, if different. A qualified truck accident lawyer is necessary to decide what the best venue would be for your truck accident case.truck-18 wheeler accident lawyers

Why is it so important to conduct an investigation when there is a truck accident? It is crucial to collect evidence and do a thorough and competent investigation after an accident with a semi truck or commercial truck. Trucks are bigger and heavier than passenger cars and require greater stopping distance. Commercial trucks are required to have proper maintenance, for example, adequate and fully functioning brakes. Additionally, truck drivers are only permitted to drive a certain number of hours per day and their hours must be properly logged and recorded. Only a complete and accurate investigation, including investigation of all logs and maintenance reports, will reveal the facts necessary to support your case.

If I miss work as a result of a truck accident, will I receive compensation? Wages lost as a result of a truck accident can be recovered as compensation.

Do I have to come up with money to pay for an attorney in a truck accident case? In most cases, you should be able to retain a truck accident attorney on a contingency basis without having to pay attorney fees out of pocket. Usually, any attorney fees will be paid out of the proceeds of a settlement or court case result. This means that you only pay your truck accident lawyer if you win! To be certain, make sure to ask your attorney beforehand.

What should I be looking for when hiring a truck accident attorney? Select a lawyer who has a track record of being successful in obtaining compensation for clients in truck accident cases. Your attorney should also care about clients, display compassion for your situation, and listen to your concerns. Select a truck accident lawyer who is trustworthy and has a good reputation in the community. Also, it is important to select a lawyer or law firm that has the resources to go the distance in a long and involved case.

If I am involved in a truck accident, what should I do or not do?

Try to get witnesses to support your case, if you can. If possible, take photographs of the scene of the accident. Do not sign anything or make any statement to the insurer of the other party, or do anything when you feel pressured without consulting a lawyer first. Above all, do not admit any degree of fault.

Truck Accident Lawyers are here to answer your questions. Contact a Truck Accident Lawyer today for help from an experienced legal professional.

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US Patent Claims Over Indian Traditional Knowledge – Who is Right?

Traditional Knowledge is often considered as the soul of knowledge which has been illuminated, encouraged, and elapsed on from generation to generation within a particular community. It slowly and gradually becomes part of the spiritual or cultural identity. Traditional Knowledge, in other words, can be described as the ancient roots that are unpretentious, oral, and simple, which is not covered and guarded by the stereotypical cultured property defense system. This has encouraged many other developing countries to establish and generate their own significant and specific systems for shielding the traditional knowledge.

India has played a vital role in the acquaintance of Traditional Knowledge and hence bought protection of Traditional Knowledge as the basis of the International Intellectual Property System. The presentation of TKDL – Traditional Knowledge Digital Library ingress by the Indian Government has guided many patent filing in India to either withdrawn, canceled or modified in diverse International Patent Offices.

Traditional Knowledge Digital Library The Indian Government introduced and launched TKDL and came to power because of India's effort on official cancellation of the patent on turmeric properties regarding wound healing at the USPTO. The European Patent Office – EPO also granted a patent on the neem's antifungal properties.

The Traditional Medicinal Knowledge of India is deeply rooted in many local languages such as Hindi, Arabic, Tamil, Sanskrit, Urdu, etc. is neither attainable nor intelligible for the International Patent Office's Patent Examiners. The expert group of TKDL identified in the year 2005 that around the world approximately 2000 patents were annually granted Indian System of Medicine by the Patent Office across the globe. The contents of the Indian Systems of Medicine's text is provided by the TKDL that IS Siddha, Ayurvedic, Yoga, and Unani in five international languages specifically Japanese, English, German, French, and Spanish with the guidance of innovative classification system and information technology resource.

The usage of intellectual property systems to authorize and permit the control and ownership over biological products and resources that have been in use for more than a decade in non-industrialized society can be called as the `bio-piracy.' Traditional Knowledge is exceedingly vulnerable due to the biopiracy of the encroachment, lack of appropriate legal systems, devolution, clash of systems, and bio protecting rush. Biological resources are linked with traditional knowledge, which is an element of biodiversity. With the help of TK, one can develop best processes, practices, or systems which are helpful for mankind without much investment for research, thus saving time, energy, and money. In the past few years, many cases of biopiracy of TK have been reported. So let’s look at the most well-known cases of TK’s biopiracy.

Turmeric Cases A tropical herb which is grown in East India is the Turmeric. The powder of Turmeric is used mostly in almost all the medicines, food, and few dyes. For example, turmeric is used to treat cold and acts as the blood purifier and also antiparasitic for infections related to skin. It is also the main ingredients in cooking in Indian Dishes. The University of Mississippi was awarded wound healing property for the turmeric patent in the year 1995. The CSIR objected and provided documentation evidence, but the fact remained from ages that it is a healing property. It was later approved by the USPTO that the patent was anticipated and obvious and supported the turmeric can be used as an ancient art for healing wounds. Hence, TK that was India's property was safeguarded in Turmeric Cases.

Neem Patent W.R.Grace, USA filed the first patent for Neem. It is a method used to control the fungi in contact with the Neem Oil Formation. India filed against the Patent and was filed by the New Delhi Research Foundation for Science, Technology and Ecology in association with International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements. The Neem tree finds its roots in India with many potent compounds like the barks, leaves, flowers, seeds and more to treat diseases relating to skin disorders, antiseptic, leprosy, diabetes, and ulcers. The evidence was submitted describing the usage of Neem for decades of India through the Indian Ayurvedic Texts. The EPO identified and accepted that it was India’s TK.

Hence, the IP approved the importance of correct documentation of India’s TK and very well played a defensive role in the IP system.

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