Bikers Get Hurt Often In Accidents

Bikers Get Hurt Often In Accidents

With its near-ideal year-round weather, this a great place to own a motorcycle and ride it regularly. The list of great rides is endless.

Because it’s rarely a bad day to ride, County’ roads are often full of motorcyclists on just about any given day, and when they collide with cars, trucks, and buses, the injuries can be very serious and often deadly.Injury Accident Law

Those more serious injuries, obviously due to far less protection for the biker’s body, mean that medical costs can soar quickly after a collision. That’s all the more reason to contact a motorcycle accident attorney as soon as possible after an accident.

The reasons why motorcycles get into so many accidents are like a two-sided coin: drivers do not respect motorcyclists’ right to their share of the road in some cases, and motorcyclists themselves sometimes veer in and out of traffic at high speeds just because they can. The combination of these two factors, along with poor roads, rare weather events, and inexperienced riders, makes the accident rate for motorcyclists higher than it should be.

In many cases, the motorcyclist is immediately thought to be at fault in an accident, at least in part. If you are a biker and had an accident that you are confident was not your fault, get in touch with a motorcycle accident lawyer as soon as you can.

Do not accept a paltry insurance payout for your costs; it will be a fraction of what a qualified motorcycle accident lawyer can get for you in most cases. Contact a personal injury lawyer for a free consultation and plan how to get what you need to cover medical bills, lost work time, and pain and suffering.

Insurance companies often do not include future costs in their settlements. You will need an attorney to make those sorts of calculations and get you what you need for past and future bills. The serious nature of many motorcycle accident injuries, such as spinal cord bruising and crushing, extensive road burns, concussion, and fractured skulls, can lead to many follow-up appointments, scans, tests, and extensive rehabilitation, all of which will cost far more than an initial insurance settlement.

Don’t let the fact that two wheels often get less respect on the road than four or sixteen wheels stop you from pressing for your rights and proving the truth of what happened during your accident. A solid motorcycle accident attorney will do his/her best to re-create exactly what happened on that day or night.

And, in case you have been charged with being responsible for your accident, you will need a strong ally to defend you. It can be difficult to prove if a person has operated a motorcycle in an unsafe manner. A good personal injury lawyer will help to establish that you are a consistently careful biker and that most, if not all, of the accident’s liability, should rest with the other driver.

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